Live TV? Anytime!

In a few weeks I’m leaving my current job for pastures new. Knowing that, I’ve been trying to offer as much advice as I can to anyone in my team who wants it.  One of them asked me about how best to approach broadcast interviews. He looked a little stunned when I said “I’d take the live ones over a pre-record every time!”

But why? Well it’s probably just psychological. Personally, I tend to overthink the pre-record. In a live, you have your time and you get to fill the space. With a pre-rec, you never quite know which bit they’ll use, so I try too hard to get each response spot on. Maybe it’s just me..

But anyway, some tips for broadcast interviews:

  1. All the Ps – Proper Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance – know your stuff and consider the angles you’ll get asked about
  2. Always know who you’ll be talking to if it’s a down the line
  3. If it’s a slot on something like Sky News business/BBC News channel, try and watch the slot in the previous hour – see what they said about your story then, gives you a clue to the angles
  4. If they offer you make up, take it! (Yes, you fellas too!)
  5. Tweet the presenters after (or ahead of time) – helps with the relationship building (and if they reply/retweet, they all have large audiences!
  6. Keep an emergency ‘TV shirt’ in your office. You just know the day you go funky stripes, is they day you get a call. Less important for radio…
  7. Always try and watch it again and learn from what you did well, or can develop on. You’ll always be your own worst critic.
  8. Get as much practice as you can. It’s not a natural thing to do, so you have to find a way for it to look as natural as possible.

What do you think? What advice would you offer?

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