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New job: New way of doing things?

I’m starting a new job tomorrow, so have been thinking about what I’d like to achieve to help my productivity, or what to do when I achieve some of it! Here’s a few things on my list:

  • Zero inbox (i.e keeping an inbox for being an inbox!) I achieved it a few times before, must do it again. Guess it’s easy to do when you start from a Zero starting point. Must get into good habits! Good article on the subject here.
  • Get organised – filing, email, time.
  • Get both of those right = be more productive
  • Diarise “Me” time. CPD! I’ve started the CIPR CPD programme before but didn’t complete. I really want to change that in the coming year.
  • Read more about what’s going on in my profession
  • Make sure meetings have a purpose and aren’t being done for the sake of it.
  • Get fitter! Spent the last few years being very static and lacking in exercise. I’ll be gaining 3.5 hours a day or 17.5 hours a week – some of it must be set aside for exercise!!
  • Have breakfast with my boys!
  • Have dinner with my wife more!
  • Blog and write more!
  • Maintain a focus on my core question for everything: “What’s the end game?” If I know what that is, it helps me prioritise.

Any more advice? If you were starting afresh, what would you do differently?

1 thought on “New job: New way of doing things?”

  1. I think you’ve covered the priorities – my mantra for what it is worth is to always take your job or work seriously but NEVER take yourself seriously! Good luck with the new chapter anyway!!!


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