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A new spin? 

Earlier this evening, I listening to a new podcast that has just joined the For Immediate Release network. Young PR Pros is presented by Kristine D’Arbelles, a Canadian PR and communications professional, and her co-host Julia Kent and is aimed at the young and young at heart PR professionals. I include myself in one of those camps…

One of the discussion points in the podcast today was about the use of the word “spin” and whether it really should be seen as a naughty four letter word in our profession. Now, personally I’ve always liked it – maybe it’s the political nerd I am deep down, or the period in which I was studying PR – but sadly it’s been tarnished by political and celebrity bad practice, particularly here in the UK in the late ’90s. One of the comments the ladies made was that spin really is what we do – we take good stories and messages, and spin it across many angles and directions to many different audiences. Isn’t that exactly what we do? It’s not a bad thing and helps to explain to people what it is we do.

However, I buy the argument expressed in the podcast that you just can’t redefine a word that is so negatively engrained in the public’s mindset.    In a speech earlier this year, Robert Philllips, co-founder and Head of Chambers, Jericho Chambers said, “‘Spin’ is now officially dead. We should focus instead on actions, not words.”

So perhaps to take the discussion on – if we all agree we cant redefine the word ‘spin’, and it has negative connotations, then what should we use instead?

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