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Investing in me!

Every time I log into the CIPR CPD page off the back of the monthly e-mail newsletter, I am reminded of the sense of shame I have when I catch sight of this element of my homepage:
CPD fail
Not something to be proud of but systematic of the way I sometimes let things happen in my life. One of my foibles is starting something and then not entirely get round to finishing it off (you should check out the decorating state of Pea Towers* nearly 3 years after we moved in!).  I get easily distracted by everything else that crops up on the to do list. Other people (an absolute joy of management), and the stuff we actually get paid for, are the easiest to put first.

But now, it must stop. I don’t want three years of “Failed” come next Spring. Having been made redundant earlier this year, I’ve realised that investing in others doesn’t actually get you that much further yourself, if you don’t take the time to reflect and learn as you go through it.

So with this blogpost as my ‘stick to beat me with’, I’m going to put that right. I’ll keep you updated (I don’t expect anyone to really care) as I go – if only as a regular touchpoint with progress.

As it happens, I had already signed onto the CIPR Social Media webinar this morning so have already secured five of the 60 points I need between now and the end of February next year.

So 60 points needed in five months. That’s 12 points per month. Given one paper or session gives you five points (at least), that really shouldn’t be too hard. Should it??

But this can’t just be about reaching a goal by just doing whatever’s easiest to generate CPD points. It’s about doing what CPD is about. Continuous. Professional. Development. So I’m going to have a really good download of what I need to develop myself on, and start from there. Wonder if I can get points for that?

Here goes!!

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to share wherever you see fit, and to comment below. All help, support and encouragement welcomed!

*Pea Towers – will show you a picture one day of the current Lewis family residence!!

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