Productivity hacks. How do you work best?

Based on this fantastic thought-provoking blogpost from Ketchum/CIPR/Uni of Newcastle’s Stephen Waddington, I thought I’d pick up on a few points.

It’s always good read something that resonates. My problem is turning ‘resonates’ into ‘action’!

His fourth point – take notes. I see loads of different ways of doing this nowadays around the business and in life. I’m a massive fan of Evernote and now have over 1,000 notes in there, in some form of order and structure. I use it for both home, rugby and business use and it fits my life perfectly, flitting between devices and formats. Others use the tried and tested notebook – I know Mr Waddington is a big fan.  Sometimes, typing as you go just doesn’t work very well, or isn’t appropriate. The good thing about Evernote is for those occasions, I can scan my notes into the platform and it somehow reads my writing/scrawl in its search function. Very useful when hunting for that nugget of a note you wrote from that journalist meeting you had in February last year! Sure there are other similar products/platforms out there which do the same.*

Evernote   v   image   v   admin-ajax

However you do it, technology can be a real help. A little time and investment pays off!

Normally I read these posts and something jumps up and slaps me round the chops – “You need to do this Keith!!” His point 5 is one such. “Think out loud”.  That was one of the reasons I started this blog and, once again, have let slip. Must do better Lewis!

So, dear reader(s) what life productivity hacks can you share? How do you make your life work for the best? And what’s your note taking preference!?!

*Just for the record, I pay for an Evernote Premium subscription. I have not been paid or received anything for this endorsement.

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