We’re halfway there…

..living on a prayer. And here endeth the Jon Bon Jovi link…

Pleased to say I’m now over half way towards my CIPR target of 60 points for this year’s continuous personal development.  Dec CPD update

Having the previous blogpost hovering over my psyche has been a helpful driver!

So what have I been doing? Well, there’s a certain theme to it. A lot of what I’ve done so far has been around social media and the digitalisation of the PR world. It’s an area I have a great interest in, but I’ve never really looked behind the activity. I love social media and have been a very early adopter of new platforms (first joined Twitter in 2008, and now trying to get my head round Ello). It’s really worked for me as an individual in my different guises – I have a few twitter handles across my different interest areas – rugby referee and work.

I’ve therefore read around the subject quite widely, as well as used my commuting time to great effect. Really enjoying the podcasts out there on the theme of social media, but also the wider PR industry – the FIR network has become essential following. I’ve also been ensuring I’m getting the credit for events I’d been going to anyway. I’ve been a regular attendee of the CIPR Corporate and Financial Group in both my professional stints in the sector, so writing down what I’ve learnt at these events has earned me points too (5 for each event – they all add up!). I’ve also read a book. Yep – remember them? Share This is a cracking tome (just waiting for Amazon to deliver me Share This Too) and it’s been quite old school to dip in and out of a good textbook. It was written by a panel of over 20 experts who each contributed a chapter and then collaborated on others to generate the end result. A novel way of approaching it (‘scuse the pun..) but it was well worth the effort.

Acutely aware that all my CPD this year has been in the self-development area. There is a second stream in the CIPR scheme which is about developing and supporting others (outside of the day job). That is something I need to try to fulfil in 2015. Whether that’s as part of an awards judging panel, on a PR-related committee or in delivering training or support for others – who knows!?! Must look into that more. In fact, Zurich Insurance, my employer, runs a skill share programme for our many partners or charitable groups around our sites, so perhaps that would be a good thing to sign up for.

It’s been great to focus on myself and my own development after a tough year.

So, 40 points down. 20 more to get. And two months to get them. Simples..

2 thoughts on “We’re halfway there…”

  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter and excellent to see you’re recording your CPD. Making me feel slightly guilty as a CIPR council member I should set and example and record it as I go along throughout the year. In reality I sit down and log it all as the deadline approaches!


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