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Go me! One year down, one more to go!

Back in September I wrote this blogpost setting out that I was determined not to have three years of failed CPD on my CIPR homepage.
That in itself wasn’t the main reason I did it (although, to be honest it was a good driver). The main reasons were to really put some time into me – it’s been a while since I did any real learning outside of doing the job – but also to show that I’m committed to being the best practitioner I can be.
I’m looking out for new ways to develop what I do, and how I do it – both for my own benefit, but also for the company I work for – Zurich Insurance. We have a big opportunity this year to develop and take what we do to another level.
And so last night, I spent some time completing the final records of my 2014-15 CPD year. It was really quite pleasing to see this when I did and to then get the email confirming it!
CPD complete
IMG_1122But, this is really only half way. The CPD programme is a two-year move towards gaining CIPR Accredited Practitioner status. The Accredited PR Practitioner is awarded to Members or Fellows who complete two continuous years of CPD by accumulating 60 CPD points per year.
So I’m pleased to have got this far, but it’s only half a job. CPD stands for continuous professional development. Continuous. Never ending. Surely a concept we’d all agree with? You do? Good. Then prove it. Start your record today – even if you don’t want to sign up to the CIPR one. Sure a spreadsheet of your learning will have much the same effect.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to share wherever you see fit, and to comment below. All help, support and encouragement welcomed!

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