Social? In person? It’ll never catch on!

face to facePeople often think of social media as being purely in the domain of the online world. And on the whole, they’d be right. But, let’s not forget the power of the face-to-face conversation.

Last week, I had the pleasure to sneak an invite to our internal global marketing and communications summit in Zurich. It was such a great few days of meeting with colleagues from all over the world who, on the whole, are voices at the end of a global conference call. Or occasionally a snatched (or out of date) picture on the their LinkedIn or Facebook, or intranet profile.

And while it may appear to be a jolly for those who cant attend, the 3 days away was a premium you just can’t put a price on. Meeting the colleague from Chile who us building their online presence, reacquainting myself with colleagues who are now grande fromages having risen up the organisation, having dinner with our colleagues from Ireland and Latin America (together) and finding some surprising common ground, chatting platforms with our US colleagues over an apero, or just chatting about twitter with my new Hong Kong chum or seeing how our Malaysian team are taking Facebook by storm over there. All those great conversations that just can’t really happen over a 2,000 mile audio.

So however social we get,  however focussed on the digital we become, please never forget the power of the old-school meeting.

1 thought on “Social? In person? It’ll never catch on!”

  1. sounds like it was a great meeting. I think the key to social media is the word social. It may live online, but it’s first and foremost about connecting with people!


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