PR thoughts

Trying something new!

I often hear about how we shouldn’t be afraid to try something new and do it without fear of failure. It’s fine to test something and figure it’s not for you.

I’ve been following the content put out by Amy Schmittauer after I heard her on a podcast a few months ago. She’s a really engaging personality in the social media and social business space and her videos are quirky, short and really interesting. She runs Savvy Sexy Social (her business site – sorry for those of you with sensitive firewalls!) Video Every Day in August  (search for #SSSVEDA on Twitter or YouTube) and I thought I’d take the plunge and join in.

It’s only been 5 days so far but I’m enjoying the opportunity to test something and see how I can improve my own social output in a new (and safe!) way.  When I was at SMMT (UK trade association for the auto sector) I did over a hundred interviews on TV and radio and was something I really enjoyed doing. Since I left there, I haven’t done any, so keeping my eye in on that element is always going to be a good thing. You never know when the next TV camera will be thrust in your face and as ever, practice is the only way to get that ‘natural interviewee’ feel.

Part of the challenge we have in the insurance sector is that we don’t have a sexy product to put in front of a camera. We sell a promise, supported by a piece of paper. To many, it’s also a grudge purchase because the law says you have to have insurance in order to put a car on the road. Many only ever see it as their hard earned money going out to a company that will look to avoid giving any back. I’m pleased to say that not the case at Zurich, and we pay out billions of pounds across our business every year (and that’s just in the UK) which equates to a massive percentage of the claims actually made. So in the absence of a shiny sexy looking product to flash around, we have to find new ways of bringing out our expertise and to bring that ‘promise’ to life. We have real people with real expertise who help real customers. It seems to be that video may be a good solution to bring those elements to life.

With the technology we have at our fingertips it’s pretty straight forward to easily create video content. The ones I’ve done so far (Some below and rest at: have been done on my iphone 5s and uploaded using either Youtube Capture or iMovie. No microphones or anything like that. I haven’t done any editing yet, but both tools allow you to do basic editing so for this trial, the tech is literally in my pocket!

Thoughts, views and tips are more than welcome! Or if you want to know my views on a particular subject, ask away! The next vlog could be just for you!

Here’s a few of the 5 so far! Feel free to subscribe to the Youtube channel if you fancy!

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