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Mixing business with pleasure. #Blogtober day 1

This month is Blogtober, when people across the interweb try to enhance their blogging and celebrate all that is great across the blogosphere.
I’m going to try and give my own blogging a boost during the month. I managed to do the VEDA challenge pretty successfully so now it’s down to the written form (although I may slip in the odd video for good measure!!)
I’ve started the month in truly Keith style, in beautifully mixing business with pleasure. One of the joys about doing what I do, is that I can do it (on the whole) from any location and at any time. We are running a pilot in Marketing, with a few others areas of our business to work more flexibly so today my day went as follows.

 At sparrowfart o’clock I drove to Cardiff where we have an office overlooking the central rail station and the Millennium stadium. What a view!! Did a number of usual calls and caught up with various things I needed to get done ahead of a big sponsorship event next week. More on that to follow next week!! Managed to sneak out for a quick stroll to meet Mrs L who arrived by train and who then headed off to meet some old chums.

Afternoon back in the office on more calls, before slipping out a little early and heading to watch the Rugby World Cup match with a stunning Wales victory over Fiji.

 A busy and productive day, but it’s great to be able to work flexibly and to mix up the things I love so much. The work-life balance this helps me achieve definitely makes me a more engaged employee and it’s pleasing to have the support of leadership and management all round.

How was your day today? Did you manage to find the balance you’d want?

I’ll be back tomorrow with more Blogtober thoughts!

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