Inspiration from adversity 

An inspiring day today. Spent a chunk of it at Burhill Golf Course up in Surrey at the South African Disabled Golf Association London tournament. I’m no golfer – very occasionally bash a bucket of balls at the driving range – so am always impressed by people who can make a small white ball go into right direction having it it with a lump of metal. Some of the players today were just awe inspiring.

It’s great that we can support this sort of golf as well as our other global golf ambassadors, and the British Masters that kicks off next week as well as the Zurich Insurance Masters – our broker competition with Insurance Age magazine which is on 12 October.

Today I met Chris Forster (below centre and here at @Fozzie1989) who lost his left leg to bone cancer aged 9. He uses crutches to get around. But he also happens to be just about to turn professional. Check this out for a decent swing! On one leg!

Phil (bottom right) has no arms. But does let him swing the club with aplomb and has mean chip to go with it as well!

I also met Dave (left), who lost his lower left leg in a motorbike accident. I love his sense of humour (the tattoo on this right leg says “One Foot in the Grave <—–”

Oh, and I also met Francois Pienaar – 1995 Rugby World Cup winning captain and focus of the film Invictus.
And I get to call this work. All in all, not a bad day!!

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