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Blog ideas – ideal for Blogtober

Given we’re still near the start of Blogtober, Ive been thinking about the sorts of things I could/should blog about this month. I saw an infographic and blogpost a while back on Social Media Examiner giving some tips on blog post ideas and thought it’d be a good one to repost in summary. The sorts of things Im going to need during the next 28 days!
  1. Answer Common Questions
  2. Create a “How-To” Post
  3. Make an Announcement
  4. Host a Q&A
  5. Feature an Employee
  6. Review a New Product
  7. Compare Products
  8. Educate Customers
  9. Compile Top 10 Lists
  10. Repurpose YouTube Videos

And then this awesome list which I shamelessly steal from Stephen Waddington’s excellent blog space: are 75 ideas from my own blog to kick you off.

  1. Share content from a speech
  2. Write an open letter to a person or community
  3. Learn openly and publically
  4. Set yourself goals and report on them regularly
  5. Take a contrary opinion on a topic or an issue
  6. Seek out the opinions of someone that you respect in your network
  7. Interview someone disruptive in your network
  8. Talk to someone with a big job
  9. Ask someone for their reflections on an industry event
  10. Start a new project and share the highs and lows. Here’s another example
  11. Share your views on an industry issue
  12. Share best practice in your area of expertise. More here
  13. Report on a breaking industry issue
  14. Share highlights from an industry report. Here’s another. And another
  15. Curate conversation around an issue or topic
  16. Add context to a mainstream breaking news story
  17. Ask a journalist for their point of view
  18. Experiment with a new piece of technology
  19. Back a Kickstarter project and review the results. Here’s another example
  20. Interview someone that’s written a book
  21. Share your experience of using a new tool. Worked examples work really well
  22. Respond to an article in the mainstream media. Here’s another example
  23. Curate a conversation with your network
  24. Reflect on an industry report or review an industry event
  25. Celebrate anniversaries with your network
  26. Seek out the views of a smart person
  27. Ask someone that you respect to write about their passion
  28. Reflect on a survey
  29. Write an ebook. Better still crowdsource one
  30. Talk to someone in a usual role
  31. Share something disruptive
  32. Review a new book. Here’s another
  33. Help someone out by sharing their story. Here’s another example
  34. Invite an author to write a guest post about their new book
  35. Review a new piece of legislation
  36. If in doubt write a top 10 list
  37. Lists of people to follow on Twitter are also good
  38. Invite your community to reflect on your business
  39. Summarise your favourite bits of a book that you’ve just read
  40. Share an observation
  41. Address a tricky issue
  42. Tackle a big industry issue
  43. Share a rant
  44. Review a film
  45. Share tips on how to get on and get ahead in your business
  46. Summarise and reflect on an academic paper
  47. Go for a walk with a writer
  48. Share a reading list
  49. Crowdsource, curate and share comment
  50. Practical hints and tips are always appreciated. Some more here
  51. Add context and opinion to a breaking news story
  52. Help businesses learn by providing considered feedback
  53. Challenge your community to do something. This was the result
  54. Not everyone will appreciate your blog posts. Deal with it
  55. Share examples of learning and development
  56. Campaign on a topic or issue
  57. Reflect on a moment from history
  58. Share experiences and have some fun. More fun here
  59. We can always learn from history
  60. Hack your workflow and share the results
  61. Ask your community for help
  62. Embrace criticism
  63. Reflect on learning and development, and passing a qualification
  64. Experiment with a new form of social media or network
  65. Write an essay about the future
  66. Share advice on getting ahead
  67. Commit to a project, and invite comment along the way. Brand Vandalism became #BrandVandals as a result
  68. Write for your toughest sceptic
  69. Share an example of your thinking and working. Here’s another
  70. Call out bad stuff
  71. And praise good stuff
  72. Remember someone special
  73. Announce a new job
  74. Share a nugget of information or insight
  75. Be brave. Incredible things will happen

Useful resource if nothing else for the rest of Blogtober

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