Proud Daddy blog – #Blogtober 4

Unashamedly, today’s Blogtober Blog is brought to you by Proud Daddy Inc. Today was Seth’s first rugby festival in the U7s team he’s in. They’ve never played properly before outside of their training on a Sunday morning, but today is (hopefully) the first of many.

IMG_3092Coming the morning after the night before (a slightly smug Welshman writes..) I expected lots of glum faces, but not once did I see anything other than hundreds of running around enjoying the great sport that is rugby.

IMG_3078Here’s a pic of the boy, and above was the scene from the clubhouse balcony. He scored a bunch of tries across the 5 games, but it was just so great to see him and his team mates putting in such an effort to do what they had practiced. No grumps at getting beaten, or getting upset when things didn’t go well. He’s clearly got a bit of on-field leadership quality as he was shouting his “defensive line” orders around a fair bit.

I loved being on the sides, watching him do his thing and trying not join the many voices shouting (nee encouraging..). Hopefully his little brother can join in soon too!

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