Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking…

Public speaking – easy isn’t it??

Over the next few weeks I have a number of speaking engagements lined up. I’ve done loads of speaking (in rugby meetings) or media interviews but never actually about what I do or how we do it at Zurich. But, I’m hoping the basics are there, but as ever, the doubt process kicks in.  I have to make sure I get my message straight (and simple) and then I hope the delivery will pan out OK.

I’ve been giving some thought to what I need to cover off. What do you think you’d like to hear in any of the sessions below? Let me know in the comments below

15 October – Social Media Risks Forum, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

 – Topic: Insurance companies have no place in social media. Discuss.

I’ll be outlining how we (Zurich Insurance UK) has approached social media across the company, discussing the chosen channels, content strategy and how to tread the fine line between customer and employee engagement and the regulatory regime governing the sector. More at: http://socialmediarisks.co.uk/

16 October – The next day, Im at the Online Influence West conference where I’ll be joining esteemed social media gurus Jeremy Waite from Salesforce, Tania Seif from Coral, Thane Ryland from Microsoft and Holly Clarke from AirBnb on a panel at the end of what looks like a really interesting day. More from: http://www.onlineinfluence.net/

24 November
– I’ll be joining a panel looking at Measurement and Buy-in at the Social Media Results For PR & Comms Conference in central London.
How do you measure success? Examining the metrics and methods to evaluate your impact and engagement on social media and benchmark yourself against the competition
The tools available to analyse and monitor your platforms – are they worth it or are there cheaper methods?
Exploring the best methods for engaging and reporting to senior teams to justify the value of social media PR and comms
How to best consolidate reports across channels, harness the data and analytics gathered and feed into future campaign strategies to drive business change

Other panelists:
Lucy Whitehead, Head of Digital & Social Media, First Group
Carolyn Sims, Group Marketing Director, Time Out
Darren Jones, Social Media Manager, Post Office
Richard Bassinder, Social Media Manager, Yorkshire Building Society
Thanks for dropping by – please do comment and share. I really do appreciate it.

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