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Metrics, goals and a January epiphany

This weekend, I’ve had a sort of epiphany. It is January after all, so no better time!

I read a piece on Friday night about social media and PR metrics in 2016 by the guru of all things both, Stephen Waddington. Regardless of whether you read on from here, you really should read the post!

Then on Saturday I began a mass clearance exercise in our loft. It’s sort of our guest room, my ‘working from home’ office, my bathroom (best shower in the house in the en suite) and general dumping ground for anything that can’t go in the garage. All the kids old baby/toddler clothes are up here..just in case…  I found some green stuff up here today – apparently it’s called ‘Carpet’. But all sorted and cleared and now I have a much tidier working space.

Anyway, one of the piles on my cluttered desk was 8 months of print outs from the weight machines you get in Boots and other places. Last year, I set out to lose some weight (well shape really) and figured the machines don’t lie and I can’t cheat those ones. All-in-all, I lost best part of 2 stone during 2015 although prob put 1/2 stone back on over Christmas and New Year – pesky chocolate…. Anyway, I thought I’d just log the data from the print slips onto a google spreadsheet (really should use Google docs more..) and then bin the paper slips.

One of the reasons I wanted to lose weight/change shape last year was so I could get into the shirt I wore the night Mrs L and I met 15 years ago, on the celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary. She wore her wedding dress, I wore the shirt you can see in the video here (it’s a classic!)

Anyway, back to my epiphany….. I had a clear goal, a set target and timeline in which to achieve it. And then I set about meeting it using a variety of tactics (eating well, cutting out crap (mainly bread) some nutrient/vitamin pills, exercising… who knew!?!…)

Weight line
Fat to less fat!

And when I saw what happened to my weight during the year. Down, down, down (wedding anniversary event), slowed down, no loss, went back up. (see left)

And so, piecing all those bits together, really made my think about goals, metrics and planning etc.  I’m not one to really do this – Im a stereotypical do-er.  Or maybe I’m a repressed numbers/planning kind a guy!

I really should have realised this before, (gawd, I’m 37 for goodness sake!) but it’s really struck me hard in the face of the value of properly:

  • Setting out what I want/need to achieve
  • Having way of regularly tracking the data behind it
  • Using the data to inspire or amend behaviour or drive intentions.
  • Having clear deadlines or timelines
  • Evaluating projects and goals

I really should do more clearing out shouldn’t I!!

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