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Versatility rocks!

Things are nuts at the moment. Sound familiar? Can’t believe we’re already over 1/6 of the way into the year. But what a start to 2016. I feel like I’ve been making great strides with my mission to give permission to our colleagues to operate in the social space. I’ve done presentations and chats with our:

  • HR leadership teams (x2)
  • Finance leadership team (and booked in for an all hands meeting soon)
  • Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management Team
  • HNW Leadership team
  • Exec presentation to three MDs of our business units – Personal Lines, Zurich Municipal and Commercial Broker.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Leadership groups (with folks representing our Women’s Innovation Network, GLEE (Gay, Lesbian and Everybody Else) network, Cultural Adversity Group and Disability Inclusion Groups)
Got a few other sessions booked in with other groups around our business too so momentum is building.  It’s great to see peoples’ minds working when I’m presenting and the follow up enthusiasm has been great with prospect of plenty more to come! Just where I wanted to be.  I’ve started to build some training/info videos (showing colleagues how to best use LinkedIn, for example). And I’ve had colleagues around our business approach me for individual help and support as they start to do things like create content for LinkedIn pulse. #SoProud
pen knifeBut that aside, the purpose of this blog, is really around me as a professional communicator and two things that have come together.  Late last week, I was asked to help out with a short term resourcing issue in our employee communications team. I’m the sort of person that will always find a reason to help out and this is no difference. Yes, some of the above will need to need to slow down, but in picking up this account I’ll benefit in a number of ways:
  1. I get to get back under the skin of a crucial part of the business
  2. I get to build my network around the business which will actually fill a gap in my list above
  3. Gets me back into the art of writing different forms of content for different audiences
  4. Gives me a reason to deliver the social media message in a different, subtle way.
  5. Reminds me about the need to help people through change. It’s a matter of public record that we are making some significant changes across our UKGI business and we need to work with those in the new organisation to help them through difficult personal times, and maintain focus on delivering the 2016 plan – easier said than done!
Over the years, I’ve developed a skillset which means I can be used in this way – versatility rocks! There’s a whole debate going on around the need to move people from specialist to generalist. I’m very much in the generalist camp and the fact that I was sought out to solve a problem demonstrates the value that having that skillset can have to a wider team.
Coincidentally, I’ve just joined a new group established within the CIPR by former President, Sarah Hall – the Future Practitioners Panel. We’ll be looking at how the CIPR makes sure it’s training and qualifications meets the future skillset of communicators and how we can upskill the current communicators needs. Lots to do, but pleased to be playing my part. Keep an eye out for our outputs later in the year.
Thanks for reading, feel free to comment or join the discussion

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