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Resilience – nature or nurture?

The last few weeks has definitely been “one of those weeks”  – all of them. Am sure we all know what they can look like. Nothing dramatic, but as ever in the corporate space, change is ever present. Indeed, as the firm used to say, “change happens”. (I still think it’s a great brand slogan…)
Well, change’s happening. And the word resilience has been at the forefront of my mind as Ive been considering  the period, I and my team are going through. Love the definition I found earlier.
What’s been at the top of my musings has been wondering whether resilience is just there, or develops in individuals –  a little like the nature v nurture debate. For me, I grew up in a changing environment with Dad’s job (vicar) meaning a move every few years, as well as my own choices at, and through, University.  I think I’m up to move 17 in my 38 years, and if you take the fact that the last 9 years has been in one city (albeit in two different houses!), my average move-cycle has flattened out somewhat!
But what about the new generation? Is the millennial mindset built around a fast paced environment which breeds change and therefore naturally builds resilience? Do millennials (of actual age or just the millennial mindset) just grow resilience, because that’s what they want and that’s how modern life is? Or do some people just have it all along.  I hate sweeping generalisations on the whole, but you see where I’m coming from?
Either way, if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that the ever changing nature of work, play and life means that resilience is a necessary mindset to get hold of! How do you get yours?

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