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My word of 2017 – Reconnect


I’ve been doing a little thinking around what I want to base 2017 around and a word at haven’t been able to shake, and so am embracing fully is: Reconnect.

This year, I turn 39, which is a little scary and I’ve packed an awful lot of great things into the first half of my life. But, in packing so much in, I’ve also lost a lot of contact with a lot of things, and in some cases, a lot of people along the way.

And so I’ve decided that needs to change, and, with a little commitment and endeavour, it should be relatively achievable.

So in 2017, I want to reconnect with:


In the latter half of 2016 I was asked to fill an internal resource issue which has meant that my focus had to change from what I wanted to do, to what I was needed to do. Sometimes, that’s actually a really good thing, and it has been for me. It’s connected me with new areas of our business and gained me new relationships that I’ll need to nurture. It’s also reconnected me with old skills I haven’t used for a while – never a bad thing. But it’s also clarified that my new found passion is indeed in social and educating our business into its benefits. So I want to reconnect with that as soon as I’m able to.


I’m a nomad by background and have moved a lot of times in my 38 years. Think I’ve clocked up 15+ moves in my time, some family moves as a youngster (Dad’s a vicar), some due to Uni, Year in Industry, and then my own adult life choices around work and then our own family. But that’s meant that I don’t have a close knit group of people directly around me, and I’ve lost track of some fab people in my life who I want to reconnect with. I want to invest time in my friends, and develop proper lifelong friendships with people I see regularly.


In my role as a rugby TMO (Television Match Official) I’ve have some awesome experiences being involved in top level rugby. But it’s also meant that I haven’t actually refereed a rugby match myself for over a year. Life is busy, but I want to find a way to get back out onto the field. With may also help with…


2016 wasn’t a good year for my waistline. I’m turning into my father and I’m not sure he’s as healthy as I want to be when I’m his age. I’ve already kickstarted 2017 in a healthier way and have joined a Biggest Loser challenge with the spinning and excercise place I go to. Having a bit of competition and a target is what I need to drive that on. Also a summer holiday in South of France I want to enjoy and not be self conscious around!


Bless her, she’s a saint. We live very busy lives around our kids, work, school, rugby and general stuff. Not that we aren’t, but I want to make sure that I connect with her as the wonderful wife I married. Dates (in the courting sense!) are going in the diary! She deserves it. We deserve it.


Walking the walk is important and being able to work out loud is something I enjoy and have lots of thoughts and ideas around. But rarely then execute on. It’s trait I have have as a ESTJ Yellow/Green (whatever personality trait system you’re familiar with – I’m a classic of that type)


So that’s my thing for 2017. What are your word (or words)? Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter

1 thought on “My word of 2017 – Reconnect”

  1. I’m sure by the end of 2017 you would have reconnected with all of the above, including your waistline! I’m having a similar 2017. Mine is `challenge`. I’m fed up doing the same thing, the same way. Life is too short for a comfort zone. So I’ve set myself a challenge for each month and then I’m going to blog about my experiences. Have fun reconnecting!


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