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Five social business lessons from the Trolls movie

Over the weekend,  I took the dynamic duo to the Odeon’s Kids AM showing of Trolls – the latest offering from the Dreamworks empire.

Normally, I take advantage of the dark space and perhaps concentrate a little too much on the insides of my eyelids…. only for a short time of course…

But *whispers* I really enjoyed Trolls! Somewhat obvious in plot, but nicely executed, the occasional Dad gag (one of them actually sh1ts glitter….) and some decent cheesy tunes mixed in for good measure.

But as I watched, it struck me that there were quite a few lessons we could learn from as we build our social business. So, here are my five social business lessons from the Trolls movie

#You can’t keep everyone happy all the time
Well that’s obvious but as a communicator we often strive for 100% satisfaction. The other thing is being aware of who won’t ever be happy but ensure you still address their basic needs. Given those detractors a space to work it through can also pay off and potentially turn them into advocates.

#Positivity breeds positivity 
It’s like what they call the ‘Big Mo’ in elections – when a candidate generates some momentum, it tends to flow through into more success. And so, if you have a positive team, use them to breed positivity around the organisation. Figure out what is driving their success, and get them to tell their own story. Good advocate bunch here too.

hug#Hugs work well
Ok, not for everyone, so let’s call this: the personal touch. Getting together every now and again as a team is so important (the equivalent of the Trolls hug alarm) for team spirit, morale and getting everyone focussed back on the main issues at hand.

#Everyone has down days
Sometimes you need help to find your happy place. Or guide your team to their respective happy place. Look around your team. Get to know them. Understand their personality types and see what makes them tick (MyersBriggs or Discovery Insights are two Ive used in the past) . See if you can get into their wider psyche and see what their non-work levers are. All helps to identity what a down day (week, month, period) looks like so you can work through it together.

#Bringing tribes together is possible if there’s a goal at the end 
When everyone is focussed on one end game, it makes it easier for everyone to pull together,  collaborate, and generate results – adding business value.

The things you think about watching kids films eh!?!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below. What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt from a movie??


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