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Small social steps paying off!

I’ve been plugging away within the Zurich world for a little while now, pushing the social message wherever I can get a platform. For the first time, yesterday, it felt like it was actually working. Not just lip service and acceptance that what I was saying was OK, but actual real colleagues, putting it into action, in an authentic, meaningful way.

Let me tell you a story!

I’m a part of our Zurich UK Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) – really proud to be playing my part to addressing the gender diversity issues we have in our business, but also across the business world. Perhaps there’s another blog there for another day.  Yesterday was our second annual get together, when we had over 120 colleagues join us for the afternoon in London to talk about progress being made, and to galvanise people to carry on the good work.

IMG_0246We were hosted  by our friends at the Chartered Insurance Institute and had some internal speakers (important Exec types) mixed with some fantastic sessions looking at the Insuring Women’s Futures campaign (#IWFHeforShe), personal brand (mainly the IRL version) and also on the sectors approach to the wider Diversity and Inclusion angle.  The theme for the day was ‘WIN Your Way.’

I’d had some social media-type foamex board frames made up – you know the sort of thing you get at weddings and events to get people to take pics and do the selfie thing. We framed them around our UK social handles. (See pic – me with the fab Rose St Louis who chairs UK WIN). We suggested an event hashtag, #WINYourWay for people to use as they saw fit. Nothing forced. But all subtle messaging that says: “We do social. You can to. And we want you to too.”


And it worked! I’ve seen so many of these pics in the last 36 hours – across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yammer and LinkedIN. Even got our CEO in one (Tulsi Naidu in the other pic below with Rose and Barbara Schonhofer who established the Insurance Supper Club for women in the sector)

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I ran an analysis last night which showed that on Twitter alone our hashtag and messages were seen by 61,000+ accounts, with 340k impressions. And they cost me less than the cost of a return train ticket to London and they’ll be reused at other events too.


I know those numbers will be small fry compared to some readers who only have to blink to get numbers in the millions. But to me, and to us, sometimes, you just need to see it working to give you faith and the impetus to know that we’re doing the right thing.

Small steps. But massively important ones.

1 thought on “Small social steps paying off!”

  1. These results / stats are great!
    Getting key stakeholders to lead from the front with social is important from creating a hashtag for the event to the selfie frames. Nice work!


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