Social Business

Four score years and seven…

LincolnIn our bathroom, I keep this fella. We’re a Lego-loving household and there are minifigures dotted around the place. But Abe, here, is one I like to see, and greet, daily.

As any scholar of US political history will know, the “four score and seven years ago” was President Lincoln’s intro to his Gettysburg Address, delivered in November 1863. But it’s the end bit that we should remember; “..that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

For me, while this is fundamentally about democracy and its importance, it also has a ring of social business about it. Going back to most definitions of social business, it involves creating networks of people, connections and includes all levels of any organisation. It also reminds me, of the importance of the customer (remember them!??) – as a company, my employer exists to protect our customers and put them right when bad things happen.

But today, election day 2017, it seems apt to focus on the democratic bit. Governments of all types and colours, politicians of all persuasions, backgrounds and beliefs are there to serve the will of the people. And in our democracy we, the people, have our say.

Today is that day. Do the thing.


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