Why finding a work-life harmony is good for my mental health

WMHDToday I woke up in the Legoland Hotel. With my wife and my two boys (school inset day). Not sure there are better places to wake up, to be honest. We played. We ate (a lot). We swam. We headed to the forest on our way back home and clocked up our obligatory 10,000 steps (and some!). Sneaked in the odd tactical social media post around our early in careers work at a careers fair at Manchester Uni and also about the various things we’ve been doing to support/champion World Mental Health Day at Zurich. Lined up a few stories and posts for my side hustle ( And now I’m crafting words here on Tomorrow I’ll be back in the office grafting for a better social business future for the firm.

All that helped me reflect on all the things that exist in my life. Finding the work-life harmony is crucial to me. I have the aforementioned wife, two sons, a wider family network, a work boss, 3 direct team members, 10 wider comms team members, 5,500 other UK colleagues, a rugby boss and wider team. and the side hustle – all of which I need and want to find time for.  I stole the phrase work-life harmony from a lady I’ve ‘known’ on social for a while – Robyn Baldwin – do listen to her Alpha Female podcast if want to get the gist of her world and approach. People still use work-life balance. Not me. I just don’t see how you can balance all those things. I certainly can’t. But I sure to try and find a way for them all to work in some form of harmony. Not always successfully I should add…

Linking back to World Mental Health Day… in getting my head into this harmony mindset, I’m blessed in that my mental health is (touch wood) strong – and I’m pleased I don’t suffer in the way so many friends and colleagues do. It’s so important that we discuss and support this subject as much as we do. I hope that all the great messages I’ve heard today across the interweb and wireless continue to be talked about tomorrow.  And the day after. And the day after that.

It’s good to talk. Please find someone. Anyone. But do talk. You won’t be alone. And there’s loads of support out there in whatever form you might need it.

Take some time to find your harmony – or change your approach and mindset towards finding one that keeps you going in the right direction. It’s not easy – and some days I find some harmony, the other hunting some.


1 thought on “Why finding a work-life harmony is good for my mental health”

  1. An insightful read – as ever, and a good reminder that ‘Days’ should never be just that – they need to kick start bigger conversations. Let’s keep it going and not be afraid to share the hairy stuff. If a topic makes you think ‘I’m not sure we should be talking about that’, then there’s a pretty good chance that it’s exactly what we should be talking about.


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