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Social as a conversation – avoiding compliance issues

MAF podcastI’m a big fan of podcasts and Roger Edwards’ Marketing & Finance Podcast is a great one for me. Roger has done spoken at some of our Zurich events in the past and knows the financial services world. His guests are usually from our sector and talk about a lot of the marketing-based issues I see in our firm and across the industry. Well worth listening to.

In this podcast from 10 May, Roger talks about two things – the Wetherspoons social decision (as I discussed here) – but then also about how social can still make sense for many organisations, including those in regulated spaces. Please do take a listen – great for your 20 min lunchtime walk (as I did yesterday!).



His main points resonate with me:

  1. If promotion in your world = compliance, then don’t promote. Social is a conversation – be part of the conversation, don’t try and flog a product. Rather than pushing product (and getting caught up in compliance concerns), then point to great content or engage with your customers/stakeholders. It’ll keep you out of hot water!
  2. Using social media means you need to figure out your strategy first. Pretty basic, but makes 100% sense!

Thanks Roger for the stimulus for this blog post – for more on his excellent work check out  Thanks for reading. Let me have your thoughts in the comments below, or engage over at@KeithLewisComms in the Twittersphere or on Linkedin at

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