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Employee Advocacy as a route to social media success – new podcast

Last week, I had a great chat with Paul Sutton, host of the Digital Download podcast on my favourite subject – employee advocacy.

Do take a listen – we cover a lot of ground:

  • Why PR no longer controls the message
  • How you can relinquish control without destroying the message
  • Why advocacy may address the move to dark social
  • How reach through employees is significantly higher than through corporate channels
  • How an advocacy audience differs from a corporate audience
  • How empowering employees reaps significant rewards
  • How to identify potential employee advocates
  • How software supports the development of advocacy
  • Why success in advocacy breeds success
  • How to identify and distribute shareable content
  • The role content curation plays in effective employee advocacy
  • How taking part in an advocacy programme need not affect your day job
  • Why an effective internal network can be as important as external social media channels

As you can hopefully tell, Im really passionate about this subject and hope you take a few nuggets away from the chat.

Do let me know what you thought in the comments below, at @KeithLewisComms or find me on LinkedIn

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