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Are you a key worker?

Are influencers really key workers? In Scott Guthrie’s latest post, he notes that the Finnish government has granted social media influencers with keyworker status. Scott says they have been classified as

‘critical actors’, alongside bus drivers and doctors, for their ability to connect with young people, who may not get their news from traditional media outlets.

Scott Guthrie

And the Finns aren’t alone in recognising the value that influencers can have. And there’s the key phrase – adding value. If we’re posting value to our networks (here or elsewhere) then that’s being recognised.

If influencers can drive public safety and health messages to an audience who are difficult to engage and influence, then why shouldn’t they be used to maximum effect. With that power, clearly comes great responsibility (thanks Spidey..) and those in that space take heed of all the examples where those things haven’t played out well!

If you want an audio version of this same issue, check out Paul Sutton’s latest podcast where he spoke to Emily Leary and Scott about this – well worth a listen.

Key message: Add value to your audience – that’s where your influence is!

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