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What’s an SSI score? And why should you care?

Ever heard of an SSI score? If you’ve ever heard me speak, you probably have. But for the vast majority of you who haven’t, what on earth is that?

And why should you get check what your score is?

If you aren’t a LinkedIn user, and have no plans to be, then this won’t impact you at all. (Although Id argue you probably should be on/around LinkedIn as one of the biggest social professional platforms in the world – one for another day)

The SII is your Social Selling Index score, but don’t be put off by the title. It’s a free tool LinkedIn provides as a lead magnet into their Sales Navigator product. You’ll probably never need that, so don’t worry about it.

So what is it?

What it does, is to show you how LinkedIn judges how you’re using LinkedIn. You might as well get advice from the platform itself!

It will analyse your professional brand (ie your profile), whether you’re finding the right people (ie building your community) and how you’re engaging with Insights (ie doing stuff!)and will then use those three to tell you how well they think you’re building relationships.

If you notice that one of those bars is lower than the others, then that should become your focus area. When I first came across the tool in 2017, my score was in the 50s and it was clear that the third element – engaging with insights – was the lowest. So, I spent some time..erm..engaging with insights. Low and behold, within a few weeks, my score was heading up into the 60s.

Those elements aside, your Social Selling Index Dashboard will give you:

  • A mark out of 100 (your SSI score)
  • A breakdown of how that score is made up, focussing on your profile, connection building, insight engagement and finally building relationships
  • A measure of how you’re doing in your profession (financial services across the globe)
  • A measure of how you’re ranked in your own network (your connections)
  • A track of how your SSI changes week to week.

It’s well worth getting a stand alone measure, or as a benchmark for future development of your personal brand. But you can, and should, check it regularly to see how you’re getting on. It’s one of the few tangible, independent measures across the social sphere.

For the more competitive amongst you, you could also run it as a team activity, an Executive leaderboard or a monthly KPI if you so desire. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons – to increase your profile, do better business, and develop a stronger community.

Check out yours here:

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