Learning more about LGBTQ+

Understanding and being aware of what’s going on in our organisations, customer base and the wider population is something we should all do, whether we’re operating in a social world or not. We’ve seen lots of that in recent weeks haven’t we?

Earlier this week, I carried on my learning journey around LGBTQ+ issues by joining an online chat hosted by our @Zurich_UK Pride team lead by the wonderful Marianne Cowie.

Nearly 100 colleagues were joined by Emma Cusdin from Global Butterflies@ali_hannon & Samo White – who all shared their personal stories around being trans or non-binary. Being an ally, I’ve been on many panels and sessions around LGBTQ+ but this was just fantastic. Open. Honest. Clear. Personal. Authentic voices (if you’re here as a social bod, this is what we constantly strive for isn’t it?!)

This is a subject that makes some people uncomfortable. Fine. Grammar pedants often find using ‘they/theirs’ rather than he/him or she/hers tricky. I understand all that. But get over it. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

Ali made a great analogy on the call when talking about getting it wrong. It’s fine to get it wrong. The analogy? We’ve all mis-gendered a dog we meet out and about to its owner. They correct us if we’re wrong, and we all get on with our lives without it being a problem.

Do the same for people we meet. Accept and move on. (A phrase I’ve personally used for years, in many guises and situations!)

We all need to understand that we have customers, friends and families who will identify in this way.

They need our understanding, our support, our love and our care. And we also need their business or their custom.

Be inclusive. Learn, understand and change. It’s Pride month so there’s plenty of resources out there. Go hunt some down.

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