Social Media

Ready for social?

Are you ready to be more active on social?

Is your employer ready for you to do it?

That may generate different answers depending on who you work for. And like these blackberries (we picked a few this morning on our pre-rain family cycle!) not everyone is ready at the same time.

If you’re an employer wondering if you should ‘let’ your employees on social, or whether you should encourage them to be on social, then clearly I think you should. The pros massively outweigh the cons.

Of course, you should be considering a social media policy and some governance for your employees (tip: This should be more ‘this is how’ not ‘thou shalt not’ – drop me a line if you want to see ours). But that’s an easy fix.

There’s always a risk when you’re setting your colleagues up for social. But the risks are all very manageable. And I’m doing it in a regulated industry, so if we can, you can!

If you’re an employee, you may not be ready to go all in yet. Does that mean you shouldn’t do anything? No – of course not! You can spend some time getting the basics right – build your profiles, follow some key people in your industry/firm/sector/areas of interest and start to see what they’re posting about and what peaks your interest.

Consider your “whys” of being on social and what you need to do, content or conversation-wise to address that ‘why’.

Like these blackberries, even if you’re not quite ready, you’ll grow and develop, and then you’ll be ripe! (OK, I’ll stop the analogy there..)

Go on. Do something. Get started. Just take an action!

You can do this!

Be a brighter brick in your world!

PS If you’ve got this far, would you like an audio version of this? Maybe some regular audio on all things social? I have a podcast brewing… Let me know if that sounds up your street!

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