Social Media

How’d you say your name?

Have you helped your social media connections out today? This is an easy one, and could make a difference to people who you’ve not met yet.

Do you have a name which can be pronounced in a number of ways?

LinkedIn now has a feature which lets you record how you’d like your name pronounced, and which then sits as part of your profile. This could be a really helpful feature, and one that could help you avoid an awkward moment when you have to correct someone when you meet for the first time – in the flesh, or virtually.

Head to your profile – on a mobile device (for now) – hit the pencil mark and then you’ll see the option to add an audio recording of how you say your name.

I always thought that I had a name that anyone would get right all the time, so I wasn’t going to bother. But, one of my Italian colleagues today pointed out that in Italy, or Spain, they’d likely lose the h, making me become Keet.

So, I’ve fixed my profile for you all.

Worth taking a moment to consider how you can make a small change to help others out.

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