Social Business

Be a brighter brick in your world!

I’ve been thinking lately about the content that I should be creating across all my social channels. But in doing that, I’ve been thinking about my ‘why’ and how I can best articulate that and with some common themes – a brand, if you will. You may have noticed the new banner on the blog, or even my Instagram templates or LinkedIn updates.

The bricks will, therefore, become that common thread through a lot of my work and the advice I may have to offer.

The bricks have become important to me as a symbol. The Lewis household has two adults, two children and one cat. Sixty per cent of us love @Lego! Another 20% tolerates it. The other 20% couldn’t care less (about anything apart from food and being stroked!)

Legoing-at-home aside, I’ve realised that most my work is also about bricks too.

Being a brick in a large corporate wall.

Building content bricks.

Building brick connections.

Building audiences and communities.

Joining bricks up with other bricks to create something bigger. You get the analogy.

And so you’ll be seeing a lot of it around the place. So I just wanted to explain it all so you all understood. This picture was taken by me on a weekend walk. Rows of beach huts on our local seafront. All the same. But one stands out. They’ve made an effort. Been a little different. Been more visible. We’re all the same. And we all have the opportunity to do the same.

It just works for me. And I want people to become as bright a brick as they can possibly be. It’s a handy catchphrase you’ll see me use, or hear me say.

So what have you done today to be a brighter brick in your world? If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know!

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