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“No-one’s engaging?” Three reasons why that might be the case

“No-one’s reading my stuff?” “I’m struggling to get any engagement!”

Sound familiar?

Someone said that to me last week after a workshop I ran. And when I looked at their profile, it struck me. Here’s some reasons why that may be….

So here’ s my three reasons you’re not getting much visibility on LinkedIn


You’re not posting consistently. One post every month, and the odd like-burst (as I call it) and then vanish – it’s no wonder really.

It doesn’t have mean daily posts, but a couple of posts a week will def help

#Add Value to others

The second reason is that what you’re posting isn’t adding to anyone else’s day. If all you do is share your company’s latest monthly newsletter (a 12 page pdf you haven’t even read), then your audience probably won’t stop their scrolling and click, read, share like or comment.

Think about your readers as if you were reading your post. Do you read all that stuff? Find ways to ask questions, tag people in etc. Drive a conversation of your own. Or, add some value to other’s posts by commenting or adding to their discussions. That will attract people back to you.

#Profile incomplete

Are you sure your profile is complete? The better your profile, the more LI algorithm gods will know you’re serious about their platform and reward you accordingly. Harsh but true. The good news is, it should be a relatively quick fix. Follow the prompts when you’re in your profile to see what LinkedIn thinks you should add. You may not want to add everything. For example, for me, it always wants me to add in my GCSE results. If my Mum’s reading this – can you hunt out my Record of Achievement folder? On second thoughts, don’t bother! (But thanks for reading anyway!)

A good, regular content flow will be rewarded! By the platform, or by your network.

There will always be things you can do to help the algorithm too. Things like not adding links to your posts (add them as a comment later), don’t add images (weirdly, LinkedIn seems to favour text only posts sometimes!), liking your own posts (just odd but they say iyt works…) and chose a good time to post (commuter times (remember them…), coffee break times, early evenings etc) will all help.

But on the whole, your engagement problem is probably down to one of those three things!

Let me know what you think? Anything missing?

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