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Happy National Social Media Managers Day

A spot of self-gratification today, as we celebrate the first Social Media Managers Day.

The brainchild of Helen and Lesley Reynolds of Comms Creatives, they realised most people have no idea how complex and skilled the work of the social media manager.

And given that we social media managers are always promoting other causes on national days, events and activities, the realised they should make a day to celebrate what we all do.

And so Social Media Managers Day was born.

I’m never comfortable with shouting too much, or seeking approval or recognition for what I do. I love it. Really love it. It puts and keeps me in the middle of my organisation. Which is a place I like to be – always has been, always will be.

It’s only right that we try and educate people about the roles we play in organisations. That differs from place to place, from company to company, from sector to sector, from in house to freelance or consultancy. It’s a varied existence.

So, I thought I’d spell out the range of things that fall to me – the UK Social Media Manager in a large UK firm.  I sit in our external comms team – which for us is in a different structure to our marketing and digital teams (where most SoMe Managers tend to sit) and, separate again, to our employee comms teams. That’s both a challenge and an opportunity as we all try and keep across everything, More often than not, we get it right – sometimes we don’t. We learn from it and try and work out how we avoid it in the future. 

So, what do I do? What’s on my Social Media Managers job/task list. It’s quite some list. So sit back! And enjoy!

  • Monitor, read, comment, post on Workplace – our internal social platform. Great source of intel, seeing who’s who, who’s up to what, identifying great content. Also end up answering a fair chunk of queries about it (as most people think it’s ‘my platform’) 
  • Monitor all the D&I employee groups – great source of #LifeatZurich content
  • External comms/Media team meetings – my actual team
  • Internal comms meetings – my old team and the one I tend to sit with when we’re in the office – making sure we’re not missing things or joining dots
  • Marketing leadership meeting – making sure we’re not missing things or joining dots
  • Posting/scheduling content to our Twitter, Facebook, Insta and LinkedIN pages
  • Preparing images/graphics for all the above
  • Preparing copy to go with all the above
  • Answer queries about things with *could* be social media (google reviews, Trustpilot/Feefo) which tend to fall between structures
  • Reading global monitoring reports and alerts that need local attention
  • Checking on scheduled content across our channels to ensure we’re not overlapping or clashing with other things – internal announcements or external
  • Monitoring all channels to ensure customer service team have actioned everything
  • Provide out of office customer service monitoring and support 
  • Upload, format and publish  press releases onto media centre of website – and then social posts
  • Campaign prepping with media team for PR campaigns – social execution 
  • Prepare submissions for Financial Promotions approvals if needed (rarely thank goodness!)
  • Monitoring incoming social comments across all platforms
  • Voiceover recordings for our IVR lines.. don’t ask…
  • Checking on “what’s trending” on Twitter and news headlines every few hours
  • Updating presentation decks/slides and rehearsing for three next activities
  • Training and presentations about social and employee advocacy to our internal colleagues 
  • Presenting about social media (some training) for our partners/IFAs/brokers
  • External presentations/webinar/podcast interviews on how large firms can do social media and employee advocacy (want me to guest for you? Drop me a line!
  • CPD/Learning about latest social media trends from all the places
  • Looking out for content opps for our Exec teams (just to flag to them, not to actually do it)
  • Governance checking – set up and support any new colleagues who need access to our social media management platform.
  • Support any audits/compliance checks for any social involvements (increasingly) 
  • Monthly and Quarterly analytics checking and reporting
  • Seeing if any colleagues have posted on socials which need further support, or to flag with a leader to comment on – anniversaries, business wins, personal development goals etc
  • Dealing with those “Keith might know about….” questions – sometimes social related, sometimes comms related, sometimes pre-IT-helpdesk related…
  • Check and curate content feeds for LinkedIn Elevate (our employee advocacy tool)
  • Creating or planning for social media training resources and content 
  • Read/watch/listen to latest blogs/podcasts/videos/webinars on employee advocacy
  • Create own content for my own socials 
  • Drink coffee
  • Edit videos for social content (because there’s no budget/resource to do anything with marketing or with any agency)
  • Monitor #LifeatZurich hashtags to see what colleagues are posting about 
  • 1:1 sessions with anyone wanting social media advice/help/support 
  • Check in with my social media managers membership group
  • Support our NEXT initiative – our future focussed global initiative looking out for the next generation. Im on global leadership team overseeing the group
  • Crisis/Incident reposes/Business response groups – support work, prep & execution – could be small project based which never sees the light of day, or pandemic response based!

And that’s all just the day job. I also have two kids and a wife, referee some rugby and run – a website and the Advantage Over podcast (not as frequent as Id like, but very close to 10,000 downloads so far! And all the socials that go with that. 

So there you go. That’s my version of being a social media manager. Having read that, it’s no wonder the findings of the Social Media Managers Day research, Helen and Lesley conducted.

They found that two-thirds of social media professionals are feeling stressed and burned out as a result of being at the sharp end of 21st century communications. Now, I tend not to feel stress, but burn out is something I’m acutely aware of and try to manage. We may come back to that topic in the near future.

Happy #SocialMediaManagersDay – Give the social media manager in your life some love today!

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