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Your LinkedIn company page just got a little bit more important…

Have you checked your employer’s LinkedIn company page recently?

Nope – of course you haven’t!! Why would you…

Well… LinkedIn has just started rolling out a new My Company tab on there.

If your company has more than 200 employees you can see it on the left of the page (see pic). For those in smaller firms, then I’m sure your time will come!

At the moment, what’s there will be specific content related to your employer or your colleagues. For now, it’s just new joiners and content from people from your company.

Your employer may be asking you to validate that you do actually work for them (given you can say you work for anyone on Linkedin!)

As the rollout develops, people like me in your company (your social media manager) will be able to curate content from around LinkedIn or the wider internet for you to share from within the platform. That may be your latest company blog, or an interesting bit of content your sales teams could share and generate engagement. You catch the drift I’m sure. What social media teams need to be wary of, is stuffing it full of that firms own content. It may be tempting, but finding a balance of content (yours v others) will make or break it as a tool.

It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on – as a da-to-day user of LinkedIn, it may provide you with some free content nudges for you to get going with.

If you’re a company page admin, there’s certainly an opportunity brewing for you to do more for your employees. May also be worth using this window to flesh out your company page – check it’s up to date and get it ready for more traffic (if only from your colleagues!)

Drop me a line if you want to chat.

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